The Excitement, The Agony, The Dusi River Marathon

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Dusi Canoe Marathon.
Dusi canoe marathon is a 3-day excitement, great scenery and camaraderie canoe race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban - 120Km. Dusi race starts in Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg, and ends in Durban.

Excitement, Immense Scenery and Camaraderie

Regarded as one of the toughest canoe event in the world, it is held annually towards the end of January and normally brings the cream of South Africa's canoeing talent to Durban.

Paddle Through 2 River Systems

Beginning at Camps Drift near Pietermaritzburg, Dusi canoe marathon paddles through 2 river systems, the Umsindusi and The Umgeni River. The 1st day includes lots of running. The 2nd day includes less walking and some mean rapids at the divergence of the Umzinduzi and Umgeni rivers. Many people portage this section.The 2nd day ends on the Inanda dam. The 3rd day includes another 5Km across the dam and then there is a magnificent stretch of river paddling, especially when water is released from the dam. The Duzi is held in January so it is always pretty hot.

Greatest Canoeing in the World

Dusi Canoe Marathon is essentially a race for the biathlete, as you have to run with your boat some of the way. The route isn't canoeable all the way because of a few gorges and waterfalls. Dusi Marathon has big hydraulics', technical rapids and a few interesting weirs. The portages can be up to 10Km long. The Duzi is an endurance race like no other and could be described as one of the greatest canoeing spectacles of the world.

Ends at the River Mouth

Dusi Canoe Marathon ends at the Blue Lagoon, at the river mouth near Durban, and celebrity participants are welcomed home by thousands of spectators. The race is alternated annually between singles and pairs format.
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