Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni River Bird Park in Durban, is one of the finest in the world; it has a spectacular collection of over 3,000 exotic and indigenous birds.

Bird Paradise

A network of paths gives you a fine place to see Lories, Cockatoos and Arras. Umgeni River Bird Park is situated on the Umgeni River, which is at the edge of Durban city, 1Km from the river mouth. Umgeni River Bird Park compromises a show at 11am and 2pm on Tuesday to Sunday, an excellent way to see the birds in flight - free admission.

World's Rarest Birds

Umgeni River Bird Park is a little jewel with spectacular waterfalls and lush vegetation, with birds out on perches, in walk-through aviaries and open paddocks. Come and see how some of the world's rarest birds live and breed, gaudy Macaws and elegant Flamingos. You'll see the stately Cranes, the comical Toucans and loads more.

Feathered Beauties

Umgeni River Bird Park is a special place to spend the day, full of the restful and the raucous of the feathered kingdom. Visitors are offered special opportunities to get to know the variety of feathered beauties - and some not so beautiful. Opportunities abound also for those attempting to capture some of these special creatures on film.
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