Natal Sharks Board

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Ragged Tooth Sharks.
The Natal Sharks Board (NSB) is a service organisation-protecting beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against Shark attacks. (NSB) has over 30 years of experience in prevention of Shark attack and research on Sharks.Natal Sharks Board has a large auditorium and display area for a visual show, shark dissections and static displays. This programme is aimed at educating school children and the general public about safe swimming practices as well as the biology and ecology of Sharks.The audio-visual programme is spectacular, capturing the drama of the ocean and vigour of the NSB staff as they carry out their daily servicing of the nets. This presentation provides information on the sensory biology of Sharks and their role as top predators in the marine food chain - designed to entertain and educate. You get the opportunity to watch a shark analysis and see and smell the internal machinery of one of the ocean's most awesome predators.

Scuba Diving

Kwazulu Natals, Indian Ocean, warm beaches offer a wide variety of adrenalin water activities. Scuba diving, whether spear fishing or merely looking, the Indian Ocean offers you a look at a varied and plentiful fish life.

Ocean Kayaking

The whole family can enjoy Ocean kayaking. Hit the back line for an exhilarating fun as you jump into one of the steady kayaks and head out to sea. Have a good look at the distant coastline and possibly a closer look at the passing Dolphins.

Dolphin Viewing

Dolphin viewing, this is one of the very few places in the world where you have the opportunity to swim with these magnificent, friendly creatures. This stretch of coastline gets its name from the many Bottlenose Dolphins, which frequent this section of the warm Indian Ocean. They can be seen from apartments and houses in schools of anything up to 100 or more individuals per school.
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